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The Link: True Sexual Revolution, Mother of Modern Evangelicalism, Story of the Bible & More

By January 29, 2021Culture3 min read

“The True Sexual Revolution”Living Out
“The true sexual revolution took place in the 50s and 60s, not the 1950s and 1960s. It was in that generation, more than in ours, that a new vision of sexuality burst in upon an unsuspecting world. The implications took several centuries to work their way through society as a whole, changing sexual relationships forever.”

“The Mother of Modern Evangelicalism”The Gospel Coalition
“In 1951, Fuller Theological Seminary was considering offering a faculty position in Christian education to Henrietta Mears. The Pasadena seminary had recently bowed to pressure and created a special degree program for women. Founded in 1947, Fuller could already boast of a number of evangelical stars, including Carl F. H. Henry, Harold Lindsell, E. J. Carnell, and Wilbur Smith. Even though they highly admired Mears, some expressed fear that her appointment might result in ‘the subjugation of the faculty to her own personality and persuasion.'”

“The Story of the Bible”Enduring Word
“Join Pastor David as he expands on the story of the Bible and looks at its infallible fundament as the truth of God.”

“Lost Opportunities by Rev. Dr. Cleo LaRue”The Riverside Church
“A message from Rev. Dr. Cleu LaRue at The Riverside Church.”

“Joe Biden’s First Day Began the End of Girls’ Sports”Wall Street Journal
“An executive order rigs competition by requiring that biological boys be allowed to compete against girls.”

“Why Are U.S. Churches More Politically Polarized Than U.K. Churches?”The Gospel Coalition
“…It’s not surprising when weary pastors get earfuls from congregants complaining their church isn’t politically engaged enough or upset at how people in their denomination disagree over political questions. It’s not like this everywhere. Why not? What can we learn from pastors in other contexts? Last week, I talked with Andrew Wilson, pastor of King’s Church London, about differences between the United Kingdom and the United States in the way our congregants view politics.”

“Theologian Russell Moore Has a Message for Christians Who Still Worship Donald Trump”Time Magazine
“The past few years have not been an easy time to be God’s lobbyist. A lot of folks claiming to represent the Almighty have been jostling for space in the corridors of Washington, with a lot of conflicting agendas.”

“Aimee Semple McPherson”
“Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944): Born the year Catherine Booth died, Aimee Semple McPherson was raised in the Salvation Army church and ministry. In fact, an early influence in her life was Catherine’s daughter, Evangeline Booth! Inspired to step out and preach the Gospel herself, the Lord eventually led Aimee and her mother into a remarkable evangelistic ministry. Join us for this first of four fascinating episodes as we look at the ministry and influence of this dynamic woman you definitely should know!”

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