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The Link: Ravi Zacharias, Equality Act, Ancient Creedal Christianity & More

By February 27, 2021Culture6 min read

“Ravi Zacharias was a Liar, Sexual Pervert and Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. This Report Proves it”TheWeeFlea
“Premier Christianity asked me to write a report on the report from RZIM re the allegations against Ravi Zacharias. It was painful to read. And it was the last thing I wanted to write about. But given that I had said we should not comment, until the evidence was in – and now the evidence is in – I agreed to write this article. You can read the Premier one here – below is a slightly fuller version. (Since this was published the UK RZIM has announced it is leaving RZIM). I am saddened and sickened by all of this.”

“But His Books Are Still Good, Right? – 5 Things Christians Must Stop Saying About Sexual Abusers”Tanya Marlow
“What we sometimes forget is that in order to overcome other obstacles, and particularly to get over the risk of being caught, sexual abusers must groom the environment such that even if a victim does disclose his crime, the victim won’t be believed. Others have been writing about ways that Zacharias groomed his immediate environment in terms of his staff and board, and there were clearly massive problems in safeguarding that are coming to light now. But I am talking here about the grooming that goes on in the wider church. Here are five things I’ve seen prominent church leaders or popular speakers say about Ravi Zacharias’ or Jean Vanier’s abuse.”

“Swinging the Pendulum Too Far”Christianity Today
The Equality Act is the most significant threat to religious liberty in a generation.”

“Fairness for All”CCCU
“The CCCU has been exploring a legislative initiative sometimes called Fairness for All. This initiative seeks to find a way to simultaneously combine federal protections for religious freedom and for LGBTQ persons, two “sides” that have often viewed their protections as being violated by the existence of protections for the other. Specifically, Fairness for All would create legal protections for LGBTQ persons in the basic areas of public space (employment, housing, stores, and restaurants), financial services, and jury duty service, while at the same time explicitly adding to the law the full scope of religious rights ensured by the Constitution.”

“One Nation Under God. Indivisible?”
“It is my understanding that until we make it to heaven, Paul’s vision of perfect unity is only ever something we can continually strive for, and until we reach heaven, we must constantly remind ourselves, and everyone around us, that because of Jesus, we are made for much more than the division placed in front of us in this moment.” – Thom Walker

“President Franklin D. Roosevelt Orders Internment of Japanese Americans”EJI
“During the early 20th century, prejudice against Japanese Americans was rampant in the U.S. After Japanese military forces bombed American forces at the Pearl Harbor naval base in Hawaii in December 1941, the U.S. entered World War II. Anti-Japanese bigotry quickly worsened, and many political leaders and media outlets called for the internment of individuals of Japanese descent residing in the Western states. In response, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942, authorizing military leaders to detain Japanese Americans in camps without due process.”

“To Kill a Mockingbird and the Hope of Racial Reconciliation”
“The level of courage modeled by Atticus in 1930’s Alabama has enshrined him as an integrity-filled archetypal hero for generations…This is the way forward for pastors ministering in the divergent undertow of our cultural upheavals.”– Ryan Shaddix

“When Harry Became Sally – The ‘Must Read’ Book of the Decade!” TheWeeFlea
“This is a stunning book – the best I have read on the subject of Transgender. But it is about so much more than that. It covers issues such as gender fluidity, the difference and connection between biological sex and gender; feminism, politics, government, law and media. Although it is written from and into the American situation (which seems especially nuts) it is certainly applicable to the UK and other areas of the Western world – or indeed any part of the world where Western liberal imperialists seek to impose their ideology”

“5 Questions About Homosexuality”Crossway
“The reason the Bible says comparatively little about homosexuality is because it was a comparatively uncontroversial sin among ancient Jews and Christians. There is no evidence that ancient Judaism or early Christianity tolerated any expression of homosexual activity. The Bible says a lot about idolatry, religious hypocrisy, economic injustice, and pagan worship because these were common sins for God’s people in both testaments.”

“This is the Way: The Mandalorian and Ancient Creedal Christianity”
“For anyone versed in the literature of the Early Church, the phrase “the way” will be familiar. Before the term “Christian” was commonly used to designate followers of Jesus, early believers simply referred to themselves as followers of ‘the way!'”

“Learning from Spiritual Mothers”Expositors Collective
“Cheryl speaks with Mike about the importance of being a life-long learner, which has caused her to not only read broadly, and interact with Christians from diverse backgrounds but also to enroll in seminary! In this far reaching conversation, Cheryl speaks about passionate prayer, women in ministry and the value of spiritual mothers and fathers.”

“The Gospel Animated: The Greatest News in the World in 2 Minutes”The Gospel Coalition
“When Christianity Explored approached us with this task, we were intimidated (but also incredibly excited) by the opportunity to tell this story that has been told millions of times in a fresh way — while keeping the core message clear. Blending every kind of animation we know from cel to 3d, it’s been one of the most challenging projects we’ve worked on to date”

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