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Religious Freedom, The Wounds of a Friend, Dr. Lu Wing on Vaccines & More

By March 27, 2021Culture3 min read

“The Equality Act, People of Faith, and Religious Freedom”Christianity Today
“I’ve written before on the Equality Act. As one who believes that all people are worthy of dignity and respect, I believe that we need to advocate for the civil rights of everyone— religious and irreligious, all races and creeds, and (as I wrote in my article) the rights of people who identify as LGBTQ+. Yet, I believe that the Equality Act fails do to this very thing. And, today, I’ve asked my old friend David Dockery to explain why.”

“Faithful Are the Wounds of a Friend”Expositors Collective
“Negative feedback stings – but you need it! Jeremy Jenkins speaks with Mike about some vital words of feedback and critique that he received and how he has grown since then. Peers and older mentors have both played a vital role in shaping his preaching ministry, and we should thoughtfully consider how to learn from the feedback that we receive. Jeremy also speaks abut the role that apologetics and worldview analysis should play in sermons and the value that comes with being part of a preaching team.”

“Pastors Perspective: March 5, 2021” KWAVE
“Do you still have questions about the #CovidVaccine, please listens to this episode of Pastors Perspective with Brian Brodersen and Dr. Lu Wing! Dr. Wing is a biochemist who consulted on the vaccine!”

“Mary is Not A C0-Redemptrix Says Pope Francis”Eternity
“This week Pope Francis has reminded Catholics that Mary is honoured as the mother of Jesus but ‘not as co-redeemer.'”

“What the Scottish Government’s Defeat on Church Worship Tells Us”TheWeeFlea
“THE HEADLINES were straightforward. ‘Scottish Church leaders celebrate as church ban ruled unlawful.’ The reactions unsurprising. If you are a lockdown sceptic, you hailed the victory of the brave leaders who took on the government. If you think the Scottish government is the best wee government in the world you were appalled at the selfishness of the church leaders seeking to undermine necessary precautions.”

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